Mercedes F1 Team’s Lewis Hamilton has hinted about a movie role as he shared a video of training shooting for action flicks.

Hamilton is one of the most popular F1 racers in the Hollywood community as the British racer likes to go along with celebrities and not only promote himself but also the sport. In his off time, he spends weeks in the United States of America, as opposed to Monaco.

With the winter time in between the 2019 and 2020 F1 season, Hamilton is spending time in the USA. The Brit recently shared a video of him at Taran Tactical Innovations in Los Angeles, where he stated that he is training for his ‘first movie role’.

It is the same place where Hollywood star Keanu Reeves trains for his role in John Wick and Hamilton made a shout-out as well. It is not clear if he has a role already signed in or he is training to audition for the role, whatever it may be.

“Excited to show you something I’ve started working on,” he wrote. “I’ve always loved action movies and dreamed of one day being in one. This is where Keanu Reeves trains for his John Wick movies so I came here to start training for my first movie role.

“This is only Day 1, was a super fun few hours in a safe professional environment. Keanu, gimme a call, mans ready big thanks to Taran Tactical and your amazing team for the time and patience with me. Had the best day.”

It will not be the first time for Hamilton in movies as he has had a cameo role in Cars 2 and Cars 3, where he lent his voice, while he also featured in Zoolander 2 as well. Last year, the British racer revealed that he had an offer to be part of Tom Cruise’s Top Gun.

But he couldn’t pursue due to lack of time which conflicted with his racing. Hamilton has not limited himself to just movies as he played himself in the The Game Changers documentary, while he also featured in the Call of the Duty game.


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