Lewis Hamilton says he feels gutted for the Ferrari F1 drivers despite the pace the team has against Red Bull in 2022.

Having been in the title fight last year, Mercedes’ Hamilton has been forced to take a step back this year due to the pace difference against Ferrari and Red Bull. The two teams have been ahead all-through having due to getting the regulations correct.

Both the teams have faced reliability issues, but Ferrari has been on the receiving end with the problems they have faced which is why they have fallen behind Red Bull at the summer break. Hamilton says he feels gutted for them knowing that the pace they have.

“It’s been great to see the pace of the Ferrari this year,” said Hamilton. “I’m gutted for Charles, who’s being doing a great job, as has Carlos. It’s not easy though, having that pace and that performance and maintaining it. It’s a tough job and I feel for the whole team because I know what that can feel like.

“But they’re a great team, and they’ll continue to keep their heads down. Yeah, massive gaps, obviously pretty huge so that’s pretty smooth sailing in that space generally. But a lot still can go wrong up ahead so I would just advise them just to continue to push,” summed up Hamilton, who added about the rule changes and if it has worked or not.

“The rule change I think has been positive in many ways, however it’s not necessarily really changed the order as such,” said Hamilton. “If you look, there’s always been two teams most likely at the front and there’s been that middle-pack gap and even coming into these new rules, regulations, you’ve pretty much seen that same thing.

“So I’m hoping that the rules progress and improve and the teams can all be a little bit closer moving forwards,” summed up Hamilton. When asked about what can Mercedes do now and for next year, the Brit noted that they have in mind what they want to do but fundamentally they can’t bring in a large change.

“The thing is, we’re constantly just learning more about this car so everything that I’m working on with… you know, back at the factory, in the debriefs, trying to articulate how we’re feeling in the car and the things that we want for the next year,” said Hamilton. “And just with my time here, over the years, I feel I’m able to.

“I know exactly what I want in the car for next year that fundamentally things can’t change, it’s too big to change here with a cost cap this year, so I’m able to – ahead of time – say these are the things I want in the next year’s car. So those things I think are being taken into account and whilst we continue to try and dial this car in, of course bit by bit, as we go into these next weeks, the next couple of months, the full focus will probably be into next year’s car,” summed up Hamilton.

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