Lewis Hamilton recalls the radio moment from Toto Wolff during F1 Hungarian GP alongside his race engineer, which is always a good encouragement.

During the course of Mercedes’ Hamilton chasing the F1 Hungarian GP win after the team suffered via the strategy on re-start, the Brit was being constantly encouraged by Bono on the radio. At one point, Wolff got involved as well during his chase.

Hamilton got stuck behind Alpine’s Fernando Alonso, which allowed Esteban Ocon and Sebastian Vettel to extend a gap. Wolff came on radio and encouraged him to push on, noting that he could still win the grand prix and retake the points lead.

However, those extra laps behind Alonso ended up being the defining moments and with no stoppages then after, Hamilton could only manage third. He is second at the moment with the case of Sebastian Vettel’s disqualification still pending under a review.

For Hamilton, though, he was quite amused by the situation, noting that he thought his team were smoking something which got into their head. Nevertheless, the Brit was happy to get a calming and encouraging voice in those moments of fight.

“He’s got a great heart, Toto, but with all due respect, when I got the call, I was like, I want whatever they’re smoking at the end of this race,” said Hamilton. “Because you guys were so far ahead and I had to make another pit stop at the same time and I was like, impossible to catch the guys in front.

“For sure, when you’re out there it can definitely seem lonely at some stages and sometimes you’ve got such tunnel vision that it’s like ten laps, it’s like a light year. It’s just so much time has gone by in that period of time, it feels like you’re travelling through time, it’s a very, very strange experience and then you forget that people are on the other line, so it’s nice to be reminded that they’re there,” summed up Hamilton.

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