One-two for Mercedes with Hamilton once again ahead of Rosberg. Romain Grosjean finishes 3rd on a wonderful race for him. Vettel had to retire with two laps to go when he was on 3rd after one of his tyres exploded.

Nico Hülkenberg reported a loss of power on the out lap to the grid. He wasn’t able to start his car after the formation lap and an extra one was needed. Carlos Sainz was also lacking power on his Renault engine and had to pit before the actual start.

Lewis Hamilton kept first position, but Rosberg and Bottas had a bad start. Pérez went up to 2nd followed by Ricciardo, Bottas, Rosberg and Vettel. Bottas lost position with both Rosberg and Vettel.

Ricciardo was the first one changing his tyres, trying to do an undercut to Pérez. It worked, although he chose the mediums while Pérez had the softs. Pérez overtook him a few laps later, but they both lost position with Rosberg, who chose the medium compound. Williams made a mistake on Bottas‘ pitstop and used a medium tyre while the set they were supposed to use was the soft.

Romain Grosjean, who was also using the softs, overtook Vettel, Ricciardo and Pérez. Ricciardo was about to get his position with Pérez back when his car stopped due to a gearbox issue. The Virtual Safety Car was deployed and several drivers used this chance to pit.

The two Mercedes were on the soft compound for their last stint. All the others in the top 10 were on the medium except for Kvyat and Verstappen, who started gaining positions from 8th and 10th. Vettel chose a one pitstop race, which allowed Grosjean, with better tyres, to get very close to him. However, Vettel‘s back left tyre couldn’t resist all the pressure and exploded on lap 43.

Lewis Hamilton won the Belgian GP ahead of his teammate Nico Rosberg. Romain Grosjean got his 10th podium, the first one since the United States GP 2013. Kvyat managed to climb up to 4th, followed by Pérez, Massa, Räikkönen, Verstappen, Bottas and Ericsson.