The Italian driver of Carlin has won in the second race of the FIA ??F3 at the Hockenheimring. After him, have finished Jake Dennis and Felix Rosenqvist.


Jake Dennis started well but after attacking Giovinazzi, he couldn’t get the fisrt position in the first lap. Behind them, Rosenqvist was attacked by Sims, who lost the fourth position with Günther after a mistake.

In the second lap, Alexander Albon lost the control of his car in turn 1 and went against the barriers. This caused a safety car to remove the car. One lap later the safety car retired, had to back on track again due to an accident where Jeffri finished out of the race.

Giovinazzi separed from Dennis few vital metres, and the british soon has been overtaken by Rosenqvist, who came so much faster than him.
Behind, we have a nice battle between Günther, Sims and Jensen.
Rosenqvist tried to overtake Giovinazzi, after he made a mistake at the hairpin, but the Italian defended the first position and the Swedish couldn’t overtake him. Rosenqvist gave the second place to his teammate Jake Dennis because this will score more points.

Finally the victory was for Giovinazzi, followed by Dennis, Rosenqvist, Günther, Sims, Jensen, Stroll, Sette, Camara, Russell and Pommer.