Alfa Romeo Racing F1 driver Antonio Giovinazzi meets Pope Francis along with Pascal Picci at Vatican City on Wednesday.

Giovinazzi took the blessings of Pope Francis at Vatican City on Wednesday, when he met him along with Sauber Holding AG’s Chairman, Picci. They were not the only two as there were other dignitaries present as well, from Alfa Romeo and also the FCA.

The Chief Operating Officer of FCA EMEA Region, Pietro Gorlier, came in along with the Head of Alfa Romeo Brand EMEA, Alberto Cavaggioni, and sponsorship manager of FCA EMEA, Alberto Lanfranco.

They all greeted each other just before the Pope was on his way to meet the public gathered. Giovinazzi presented a signed helmet to him as a meeting gift. “It was a strong and emotional experience because having the opportunity to get to know the Pope personally and be able to talk to him is something indescribable.

“My family is very believing and faith has always been a constant value in my life, at all times. With the Pope we talked about the importance of sport for young people as it is a gym not only for the body but also for the mind and how important it is to grow with firm values,” summed up Giovinazzi, as quoted by Gazzetta.

Giovinazzi is not the only one from F1 to meet Pope Francis as Ayrton Senna’s niece Bianca greeted him back in April, when she presented him with a bronze sculpture of the Brazilian racer, made by Bianca’s sister Paula Senna Lalli.

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