The FIA has granted Gene Haas, founder of NASCAR team Stewart-Haas Racing, has been granted a license to create a new Formula One team. This new team should compete starting from 2015, making it the first American team in almost 30 years.

There will be 12 teams on the grid in 2015. The FIA has granted Gene Haas the license to enter Formula One with a new team. Haas met with the governing body earlier this year and his project was cited as one of the favorites in March when the FIA decision was supposed to come out.


Other projects included one presented by Collin Kolles, former team principal of Hispania Racing F1 Team, and one by Zoran Stefanovic, an engineer and businessman, who attempted to create Serbia’s first F1 team.


Haas knows racing quite well since he founded Haas CNC Racing twelve years ago. He co-owns the team, currently known as Stewart-Haas Racing with NASCAR driver Tony Stewart. Their drivers include Danica Patrick, who was once linked to Formula One as well.


The Formula One team provisionally named Haas Racing Developments would be the American first one in almost thirty years to compete in Formula One. The last one was named – what a coincidence – Haas Lola, though there is no relation between the two. The team founded by Carl Haas and Teddy Mayer competed in 1985 and 1986.


Back in 2010 another American team, headed by Haas CNC Racing former director, should have joined the grid. But the team eventually crumbled down and was not able to compete. It was subsequently banned from competing in any FIA championship.


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