Alex Lynn won the sprint race in Abu Dhabi after dominating from pole. Johnny Cecotto and Sergey Sirotkin completed the podium in a race which has crowned Pierre Gasly as the new GP2 Champion.

Lynn kept his pole position and was 1st after the first corner, followed by Sirotkin, Cecotto, Nato and Matsushita. Giovinazzi had wheel-spin at the start and lost 2 positions. His P6 and Gasly‘s P8 was not enough for him to be the champion.

Matsushita overtook Nato for P4, but Giovinazzi was unable to do the same thing. Markelov ended up trying to overtake Giovinazzi, but the Italian driver didn’t give in and they made slight contact without any disastrous consequences.

Lynn dominated the race until the end and got the last win of the season. Cecotto managed to overtake Sirotkin in the last few laps and finished 2nd. Matsushita, Nato, Giovinazzi, Markelov and Evans completed the points. Gasly was finally P9, but this didn’t matter, as Giovinazzi‘s position gave him the GP2 Championship after a season of ups and downs for the Frenchman.