Pierre Gasly here discusses about his immediate rivals being Racing Point and Renault for 2020 F1 season, while he adds on the performance of AlphaTauri AT01 so far.

While the front of the F1 grid usually has a degree of predictability, the mid-field is one area where it is often difficult to decipher who is faster, and who is slower. This is largely due to the fact that the teams are so close in performance.

The top of the F1 midfield is separated by mere tenths from the bottom half. However, AlphaTauri’s Gasly has said that his figurative money is currently on Racing Point as the team to beat in the midfield after showing supreme pace in testing with their RP20.

Although, Gasly did mention that Renault aren’t far behind with McLaren always in the mix. “I think Racing Point seems to be fast,” he said to media including FormulaRapida.net. “I don’t want to say too much as we need to analyse a bit everything.

“But I think Renault doesn’t seem too bad. Sometimes some cars are fast, some other times they’re a bit slower. I didn’t spend much time looking at this and just tried to focus on our car, try to feel comfortable putting good laps, trying to get something where we can extract the package we have.

“I’m pretty happy where we ended up. But we need to work harder and find a bit more before Melbourne.” Discussing the car he will compete against the aforementioned teams in, Gasly noted that there is little difference between his new AT01 and his old STR14.

On the engine front, though, Gasly said the differences were stark, and impressive as he felt Honda has made a good steps like his boss Franz Tost talked about. “It’s always difficult to put a number on it, but I kind of feel quite similar to last year in the car,” he sai.

“I think it’s a slight little improvement. There is nothing that’s got way better or way worse. But I think the overall package is slightly better overall. They’re pushing as always. Last year they made a big step through the year.

“Again this year it’s a bit even better than last year, reliability we didn’t have an issue during the whole two weeks. It’s quite impressive. So far, I don’t want to say too much because that’s when you get all the all the shit. But so far everything has been really great.”

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The story was edited by Darshan Chokhani