Jean Todt’s son, Nicolas Todt, signed young karter Gabriele Mini for his agency All Road Management with the objective of guiding him to Formula 1 on a long-term future.

Gabriele Mini enjoyed a first great season in the OK Junior category in 2018. He has been good performances in the events who has participated and achieved several prestigious victories. He was second in the European championships behind Paul Aron fighting for the title until last race and was also runner-up in the World championships behind Victor Bernier on the final in Kristianstad (Sweden).

The Italian driver now joins the management group that has guided Charles Leclerc from karting to Ferrari Formula 1 Team, and which also overseen Felipe Massa’s career. As an All Road recruit, Mini follows Caio Collet, who was signed up while karting and this year won French Formula 4 championship title in his first season in single-cars.

Mini, with only 13 years old, was very excited for his signing with All Road Management. “Being spotted by All Road Management at the age of 13 is a dream that has suddenly become a reality. I thank Nicolas Todt sincerely for the great trust he has placed in me. I am very happy with the direction my career will take and my will to win is even greater”, told Mini.

Nicolas Todt was happy for the Mini signing to his agency. “We always choose our new members with extreme attention, as was the case with Jules Bianchi, Charles Leclerc or more recently Caio Collet, all detected during their years in karting. We have been watching Gabriele for a long time this season, and he has shown very convincing qualities that suggest a huge potential to become a great car champion”, said Todt.