After a great 2016 season for Formula Rapida, in 2017 the group is facing new business and professional goals inside of motor racing world for this sixth season of the Catalan website.

The 2017 season starts this weekend with the IndyCar Grand Prix of Saint Petersburg. New drivers are going to be the protagonists of this website, as well as new series and new people who will be reporting everything you need to know for many series.

Heading this 2017 season, Arnau Viñals the website CEO said:

“We are really ambitious to start this 2017 series definitely. I really want to have plenty of work during the weekends, because off-season has been so difficult for me, especially when you are enjoying your passion (racing) with many other people in this world.

“We have learnt from our difficulties and we are fighting against them. You know we are not a “generalist” website which mainly reports MotoGP or F1. We always focus on junior series instead, which is what viewers mostly like, but this 2017 our crew has been strengthened in order to improve our quality in Formula 1 and also in MotoGP. SuperFormula and British F4 will be the new series that we will report. We are also thinking about Japanese F3, but we haven’t decided anything yet.”

Novelties: Super Formula, British F4, CEV and Red Bull Rookies Cup

The passion for work and desire for more never stops in this team. That’s why we are delighted to announce we are increasing our coverage in Motorbike junior series such as CEV (Moto2 & Moto3) and Red Bull Rookies cup, as well as our Formula 4 reportages with British F4 and also closely following the strong Super Formula grid.

We will do race coverage of all this series, with Super Formula being reported by Guille Moreno in Spanish and Arnau Viñals in English, while CEV and Red Bull Rookies Cup will be reported by the strong Motorbike section.

Growing up: F1 & MotoGP

As far as we know that there is plenty of Formula 1 and MotoGP media’s around, which means these are not a key part of, so we decided to hire more people for this 2017 who will help reach our goals in both main series. Jaime Chico joined the team to be appointed F1 editor, while Quim Ferre, alongside Judith Alcaraz and Guille Moreno, will deal with MotoGP races.

One step back: World Series Formula V8 & WEC

Even though they are great series, we decided not to do a full coverage of WEC, which means that we will only do race report in English, while in Formula V8, the new feeder series of WEC, we will keep doing the same coverage in Catalan, Spanish and English, but not French this time.

Business role of Formula Ràpida

The Catalan project is not a project anymore, as it’s becoming an enterprise of technology development and design. That means we do thinks such as branding, mobile apps, photography, helmets design, press management, overall designs, business cards, team wear, video reportages, community management, and much more!

Team for 2017:

Finally we hope you enjoy as much as us of motorsport racing series for this 2017 season.

Charge Age Languages
Arnau Viñals CEO 20 CAT-ESP-ENG
Eric Calduch Vice-Director 17 CAT-ESP-ENG
Iván Agea Deputy Manager 18 CAT-ESP
Guillem González Advisor 21 CAT-ESP-ENG
Ramon López Quality Control 23 CAT-ESP-ENG-FRA
Nina Rochette Writer 20 ENG-FRA
Judith Alcaraz Motorbikes 16 CAT-ESP
Guillermo Moreno Writer 19 CAT-ESP-ENG
Jaime Chico F1 Editor 20 ESP
Rubén Fernández Writer 19 ESP-ENG
Romain Tamburrino Writer 22 ENG-FRA
Kalle Tyynelä Writer 26 ENG
Rodrigo Villaba Quality Control 22 ESP-ENG
Marc Gonzalez Columnist 19 CAT-ESP
Quim Ferrer Writer 19 CAT-ESP
Jordi Moreno Writer 20 CAT-ESP
Danny Smith Writer 22 CAT-ESP-ENG
Natasha Tsang Writer 19 ENG-FRA
Nicolas Kstriotis Writer 28 FRA
Oscar Serrano Writer 20 CAT-ESP
Ana Maria Mercado Researcher 40 ESP-FRA
Bernat Viñals Multimedia Designer 14
Ramon Minguell Photography 18
Guillem Costas Photography 23
Writers Development program
Gonzalo de Vicente Writer 14 ESP-ENG