Luca Baldisserri, former engineer of Michael Schumacher at Ferrari, Lance Stroll at Williams and former director of the Ferrari Driver Academy will now hold the position of chief engineer at Global Racing Service.

After an extensive career in motorsports, Baldisserri joins a team that aims to continue his progress and take a qualitative step without giving up anything in both the Formula Renault Eurocup and Formula 4 championships.

They conducted some tests in Cheste and Barcelona with satisfactory results together with the drivers Belen Garcia and Xavier Lloveras, where they had much promise for the team in general and also for the drivers.

It was then that they saw, that, Baldisserri would be a great addition, with much to contribute to the discipline of Global Racing Service, to help achieve the team’s goals in the Formula Renault.

GRS record experience and talent.

Baldisserri, born in Bologna in 1962, replaced Ross Brawn during the 2007 F1 season at Ferrari. His position, which was temporary initially, became definitive when Brawn signed with Honda in 2008. Baldisserri had the role of head of track engineers until 2009, when Ferrari decided to give him a new position in factory.

From 2010 to 2015, the year he left Scuderia, he was the manager of the Ferrari Driver Academy. Subsequently, he joined the Stroll family as a mentor to the young Canadian driver until he became his track engineer at Williams during the 2018 season.

Xavier Lloveras, driver of the GRS team himself, said he had noticed a great improvement in the performance of the car after sharing box and knowledge with the veteran Italian engineer, something that will undoubtedly increase the team’s options in its search for good results .

The engineer’s trajectory added to the ambition and professionalism of the GRS project can be a cocktail of success in the young category powered by Renault. This incorporation has been very well received within the team and further increases the motivation in a key season designed to fight for the best possible goals.