The organisers of the Finland MotoGP race are eyeing a slot in the summer of 2020 when it makes a return to the calendar as they also reveal about the study regarding F1.

In a press conference with the media last week in Finland, the organisers of the Finnish MotoGP race talked about the progress of the circuit while also hinted on a possible month for the event to take place in 2020 at KymiRing.

The circuit is being built by former F1 driver Alexander Wurz’s Test & Training company. In the conference, the circuit’s president and CEO, Markku Pietila revealed that 80 percent of the track is ready as a track test is being planned to check the course.

At the end of August, Dorna Sports will be running a MotoGP-class test run at KymiRing, after which we will have a definitive timetable for line deployment,” said Pietila. “Before that, an entry road will be built and Blasting will be completed during this winter.

“The remainder of the protected areas will be built during the spring. The final shape and inclination of the track profile will take place in April and May, and the disarmament will take place in May-June.”

Once MotoGP undertakes its test run by August-September 2019, the date for the 2020 event will be discussed with Dorna Sport with the idea to run towards the end of July or by the start of August. The current deal runs through the 2024 season.

As per the president of Finnish Motor Union, Tapio Nevala, he expects good crowd for the MotoGP race which will be a huge boost financially. “The number of viewers of KymiRing MotoGP is estimated to be between 100,000 and 150,000 spectators.

For example, the direct financial impact of the Valencia GP is €38 million [if you look at the financial gains],” stated Nevala. The Finn also stressed on the significance of the race which will not only help the people of the country but also get more riders into racing.

While discussing about the MotoGP race, the governing body of Finn motorsport, AKK Sports Oy, also revealed about the study they are undertaking to look at a possibility of hosting a F1 race in the future.

In fact, they have already signed an official document with the Formula One Group in the summer of 2018 ‘to determine the suitability of Finland and KymiRing for organizing the F1 event’.

The Finland’s motorsport association has also applied for funding from the Ministry of Education and Culture to support its feasibility study and also ‘to create a realistic road map towards the possible application for hosting a Finnish F1 Grand Prix’.

We have applied for a OKM grant to clarify the requirements of the competition,” said AKK Sports CEO, Tatu Lehmuskallio. “We do not compulsively drive the race, but find out if Finland has interest, opportunities and a valid reason to apply for a competition in the future.

“It is clear that we have a lot to learn about self-investigation and what the very best motor racing competition really demands.” F1 had a presence in Northern Europe when Swedish Grand Prix took place between 1973 to 1978.

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                                                                                           Additional input by Vinay CK