The IndyCar 2013 championship arrives to its end in the circuit of Fontana, in California. Scott Dixon is near to win his third championship, after the hell lived by Helio Castroneves in Houston. Castroneves did not only lose his big advantage, he also lost the lead by 25 points, so he will need a nice weekend to win his first championship. The Brazilian needs, in any case, finish the race in top 6, supposing that Dixon would be the first DNF and Castroneves leads most laps… a difficult situation. If Castroneves wins the race and leads most laps he will have some chances, in that case if Dixon finishes out of top 6, Castroneves would become the champion. So, the new Zealander is the main favourite, as he just needs to score a top 6 to ensure his third championship, and Castroneves is almost bound to win. But it’s not an easy job to finish in top 6 in an oval circuit if you don’t get close to the walls, so any mistake could decide the champion.

You can check the standings clicking here.

Race finish points:

1-50       2-40       3-35       4-32       5-30       6-28       7-26       8-24       9-22       10-20     11-19     12-18     13-17    ….    25-5

Most laps lead: 2 points

Lead at least one lap: 1 point

Pole position: 1 point

The race will take place on Saturday night, at 8:50 pm (ET). (Sunday 1:50 am UK Time).