The FIA has noted that there no big changes made at Interlagos for this weekend’s F1 Brazil GP as they reveal the DRS zones and four steward names.

Unlike the previous round at Circuit of the Americas, this weekend’s F1 Brazil GP will not see any major changes at Interlagos for the grand prix as per the FIA preview. It states: “Other than routine maintenance no changes of significance have been made”.

In terms of the DRS zones, it will be same as the 2018 F1 race, with the first zone having a detection point at the apex of Turn 2 and the activation to be 30m after Turn 3. The second’s detection point is 30m after Turn 13 and activation is 160m before Turn 15.

The F1 stewards list, meanwhile, sees three fresh names for Brazil GP with Jose Abed carrying on from US GP. He will be joined by former F1 racer Emanuele Pirro, who is the driver representative, while Max Wilson is the National Steward.

Tim Mayer will complete the four-person team. With the Top 2 positions sealed in the F1 drivers’ championship, there is all to play for third as Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc & Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull Racing’s Max Verstappen remain in the hunt.

Red Bull’s Alexander Albon, meanwhile, is leading the best of the rest pace in sixth with McLaren’s Carlos Sainz close behind. In the constructors’ championship side, the fight for fourth is on as McLaren leads Renault but the Woking-based team is in a good position.

Considering the points gap, it is only Renault which can give McLaren a chase, while Racing Point and Toro Rosso are in their own fight for sixth. The two remaining F1 races – Brazil GP and Abu Dhabi GP – will mostly see drivers going for personal milestones.

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