The FIA shared details of track limits for F1 Monaco GP along with the DRS zones, the stewards names and more.

With the double-header weekend, the F1 circus shifted to Monte Carlo for Monaco GP this weekend. Eduardo Freitas remains the FIA Race Director after making his debut in Barcelona, with a more details track limits instruction shared again.

The track limits will be monitored closely around Turn 10-11 only, here’s what the note states:

Turn 10 –

a) A lap time achieved during any practice session or the race by leaving the track and failing to negotiate Turn 10 by using the track, will result in that lap time being invalidated by the stewards.

General – Turn 10 –

a) Each time any car fails to negotiate Turn 10 by using the track as described above, teams will be informed via the official messaging system.

b) On the second occasion of a driver failing to negotiate Turn 10 by using the track during the race, he will be shown a black and white flag, any further cutting will then be reported to the stewards.

c) The above requirements will not automatically apply to any driver who is judged to have been forced off the track, each such case will be judged individually.

d) In all cases detailed above, the driver must only re-join the track when it is safe to do so and without gaining a lasting advantage.

Turn 10-11 Escape Road –

a) If a car uses the escape road at Turn 10-11 (Chicane) the driver may re-join the track only when the lights, operated by the marshal on the spot, are turned green.

Moving on to the one DRS zone, the details goes as: Detection – 80m after Turn 16; Activation – 18m after Turn 19. At the same time, the four stewards will be led by Gary Connelly along with Andrew Mallalieu, Derek Warwick and Jean-Francosi Calmes.

Here’s the FIA Race Directors Note:’s%20Event%20Notes.pdf