The FIA revealed details for F1 Spanish GP with track limits returning to the forum along with circuit changes, stewards, DRS and more.

The F1 circus is back in Europe after a visit to USA, with the FIA sharing details for the Spanish GP. Eduardo Freitas will make his debut as the Race Director this weekend after Neils Wittich held the post for the opening five rounds.

A detailed track limits list is also released after the opening races only had one note of ‘white line’ being the benchmark which stays for this race too but the FIA Race Directors’ note mentions of Turn 1, Turn 2, Turn 3, Turn 13, Turn 14 and Turn 15, which expands to:

Track Limits Turns 1 & 2 –

a) Any driver going with the 4 wheels to the left of the LHS track limiting white line, at T1 and T2, may only rejoin the track at T3 on the following conditions:

1) The car passes on the left-hand side of the 2 bollards at the entry of T3.

2) The car rejoins the track in a safe way.

3) The car does not gain a lasting advantage.

Track Limits Turns 13, 14 and 15:

b) On the above-mentioned turns, during Qualifying and the Race, any lap done beyond track limits, may entail the loss of the relevant lap as well as the immediately following lap.

The FIA Race Directors’ note also talks about the changes made to the Barcelona circuit with lots of work done from the 2021 event:

  • New Pit Wall debris fencing.
  • New extended run off at T4.
  • New Garage doors.
  • Start light gantry is higher.
  • New internal kerb at T3.
  • Astroturf removed from Turns 14 and 15.
  • Apex combination element at T14 was removed. A bollard will be placed in the inner apex.

In terms of DRS zones, the FIA preview states:

DRS 1 – Detection: 86m before Turn 9, Activation: 40m after Turn 9

DRS 2 – Detection: Safety Car 1 line, Activation: 57m after Turn 16

And on the four stewards, the team will be led by Tim Mayer who will have Nish Shetty, Vitantonio Liuizzi and David Domingo to help him.

Here’s the FIA Race Directors’ note in full:’s%20Event%20Notes.pdf