The FIA has shared details of F1 British GP with regards to Silverstone circuit changes along with DRS zones, stewards and more.

Despite the grand prix hosting the race in 2021, the Silverstone track has seen host of changes for the 2022 F1 British GP as per the FIA Race Directors’ note, with Neils Wittich returning after Eduardo Freitas took charge in Canada.

There’s a lot of changes made to the circuit at various corners, they are:

  • The national pitlane debris fence has been extended.
  • Armco between the track and the national pitlane has been repositioned closer to the pitlane to provide clear vision for motorcycles.
  • Debris fence installed on drivers right at the entry, and on drivers left on the exit of T3.
  • The complete runoff areas at T9 and T15 have been resurfaced with old drains removed/replaced.
  • The section of concreate past the Vallelunga kerbs on the exit of T14 will be painted green.
  • Combination kerb shortened at T16 to reduce the possibility of vehicles launching.
  • A patch of tarmac (4m x 3m) has been laid along the start straight following a vehicle fire approx. 30m past the start line on right hand side.
  • New bridge over the start/finish straight above pole position.
  • New tyre barrier fitted between exit of T8 onto national straight driver left until TSP10 (single row vertical tyres with belting FIM spec).
  • Tyres have been replaced on the exit of T4, T9 and T14 and the tyre barrier extended on the exit of T17 for the Historic layout.
  • Removed old drains on the straight between T5 and T6.
  • Light Panels moved up to comply with minimum height requirements.

In terms of the DRS zones, the first one’s detection zone is 25m before Turn 3 while activation zone being 30m after Turn 5. The second one’s detection zone is at Turn 11 and activation zone being at Turn 14.

Moving on to the FIA stewards, Nish Shetty is to lead the pannel having Mathieu Remmerie, Danny Sullivan and Adrienne Watson. As for track limits, Wittich goes with his regular style of white line denoting the track limits.

Here’s the full FIA Race Directors’ note:’s%20Event%20Notes.pdf