The FIA has shared details for Mexico GP with regards to track limits, DRS zones, changes to circuit and more.

The white line remains as the track limits boundary as per the FIA Race Directors’ Note for F1 Mexico GP but like we saw in US GP, things can change if deemed so after Friday running. They have added a pointer for safe re-joining though.

It deals with Turn 11 run-off area. “Any driver whose car passes completely behind the red and white kerb at the apex of Turn 11 must re-join the track by keeping to the right of the first polystyrene block arrangement and then wholly to the left of the second polystyrene block parallel to the on the exit of the corner,” stated the FIA.

In terms of the DRS zones, the detection point for the first one is at 70m after Turn 9 while its activation is at 80m after Turn 11. The second and third’s detection zone is at the exit of Turn 15, while its activation zone is at 165m after Turn 17.

At the same time, the third’s activation zone is 115m after Turn 3. Moving on to the circuit changes, they are minimal since the last event. One is ‘removal of TecPro on LHS between Turn 4 and Turn 5’ and other is ‘removal of the combination kerb on LHS at Turn 4’.

As for the FIA stewards, the panel will be led by Garry Connelly, who will have support from Loic Bacquelaine, Danny Sullivan and Alfonso Orgos Trigueros. In other news, Ferrari informed about Carlos Sainz missing Thursday media day due to being unwell.

He will only join Ferrari trackside on Friday for the FP1 session. “Carlos won’t be at the track today as he’s feeling unwell. Nothing serious, so we expect him to be back tomorrow and ready to jump in the car,” a small statement stated.

Here’s the full FIA Race Directors’ note:’s%20Event%20Notes.pdf

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