The FIA has shared Italian GP details with regards to circuit changes, track limits/escape roads, DRS zones, stewards and more.

The FIA Race Directors’ once again has denoted the white lines to be the track limits focus for this weekend’s F1 Italian GP at Monza. But like they added a section around ‘Escape Roads’ usage last weekend in Zandvoort, they have done so this weekend too.

Here’s what the F1 drivers will have to do –

  • Escape Road at Turn 1 – Turn 2: Four rows of polystyrene blocks have been placed in the escape road at the first chicane. In order to ensure the cars are able to re-join the track safely any driver using the escape road must go around the end of each of these rows and re-join the track at the end of the escape road. Drivers may only use the grass if it is clearly unavoidable.
  • Escape Road at Turn 5: Any driver going straight and who misses the shaded area before the apex kerb of second chicane must stay to the right of the yellow line and the bollard, he may re-join the track at the far end of the asphalt run-off area after the exit of Turn 5.

In terms of the DRS zones, the FIA has noted that the first detection point is at 95m before Turn 7 and activation is 170m after Turn 7, while the second’s detection point is 20m before Turn 11 and activation is at 115m after the finish line.

The FIA stewards pannel will be led by Tim Mayer this weekend in Monza where he will be supported by Loic Bacquelaine, Vitantonio Liuzzi and Matteo Perini. They have also stated that filming of movie will continue on and noted some circuit changes too, they are:

  • Removal of speed bumps at Turn 4 – Turn 5.
  • Removal of speed bumps at Turn 8.
  • Removal of the first speed bumps at Turn 10.

The Italian GP weekend will see the return of the one tyre compound F1 qualifying rule that was trialed in Hungarian GP where Q1 will see only the Hard compound used, Q2 having the Medium and Q3 seeing the Soft.

Here’s full FIA Race Directors’ note:’s%20Event%20Notes.pdf

Here’s Alfa Romeo Monza livery

Here’s Ferrari’s special Monza livery