The FIA has shared details regarding the Spa-Francorchamps circuit for F1 Belgian GP with regards to track limits, track changes, DRS and more.

With the summer break done and dusted, F1 returns to action with the Belgian GP this weekend as the FIA Race Directors’ note shares details about the Spa-Francorchamp circuit. Neils Wittich is at helm of things this weekend to start the second half.

The track limits situation is simple with white line denoting it and anyone going outside it will have his time deleted and multiple warnings will lead to penalty. Moving on to the circuit changes, as known, there is a big list of it due to the revamp work.

Here’s the full list as per FIA:

  • T1: Gravel mid-to-exit and brought closer to exit kerb.
  • Resurfacing on straight after T1 before endurance pit entry.
  • T2: New single apex kerb 1.6m wide and temporary combination element removed.
  • T2 – T4: New track surface from approx. 100m before T2 to approx. 100m after T4, increased runoff area by up to 25m, realignment of barriers and new debris fencing.
  • T5 – T6: New barriers and debris fencing.
  • T7: Exit kerb reduced in width and gravel trap behind.
  • T8: New track surface from beginning of kerb on driver’s left until exit of T9.
  • T9: Temporary apex kerb and gravel trap close to track edge on corner exit.
  • T10 – T11: Additional gravel in run-off area, realignment of barrier openings.
  • T12 – T13: Additional gravel in run-off area.
  • T14 – T15: Additional gravel and entry/exit kerbs reduced in width.
  • T17: Additional gravel in run-off area, new barriers & debris fence.
  • T18: Additional gravel in run-off area.

Going with these changes, the first of the two DRS zone’s detection point is at 240m before Turn 2 with the activation at 230m after Turn 4. At the same time, the second detection zone is at 160m before Turn 18 and activation being 30m after Turn 19.

At the same time, the FIA stewards panel will be led by Tim Mayer with the team having Matteo Perini, Enrique Bernoldi and Yves Bacquelaine. Looking back at the Hungarian GP, the FIA noted that Lewis Hamilton’s car was checked in post-race inspection.

Here’s the full FIA Race Directors’ note:’s%20Event%20Notes.pdf

Here’s Max Verstappen getting taste of Spa circuit