The FIA has revealed multiple changes made at Monza circuit for this weekend’s Italian GP including the DRS zones and stewards name.

Unlike Spa-Francorchamps, the Monza circuit will have multiple changes for 2019 F1 race, with the resurface of Turn 4 and Turn 5 being the major on-track change from the 2018 season.

In addition, the exit kerb at Turn 5 has also been replaced with one of the similar specification used by the FIA. The run-off between Turn 1 and Turn 2 has an additional row of directional arrows.

And finally, the guardrail barrier on the right-hand side of the pit exit road has been replaced with a concrete wall. Moving on to the information on the DRS zones, it remains as two like in 2018.

The detection point for the first zone is 95m before Turn 7, with the activation point 170m after Turn 7. The second detection point will be 20m before Turn 11, with activation point 115m after the finish line.

The FIA also revealed the four stewards for the grand prix, with none from Belgian GP being retained. Longtime steward Garry Connelly features in along with Silvia Bellot, ex-F1 racer Derek Warwick and Paolo Longoni.