The FIA has decided to dismiss the protest laid down by Haas F1 Team following deliberations even though it states Racing Point Force India as a new team.

Haas surprised the paddock with a protest against Force India at the start of the Abu Dhabi GP weekend which was heard by the FIA Stewards on Friday. Guenther Steiner stated that the decision to protest was to call for ‘equality’ in F1.

His motive wasn’t for Haas to get more money should Force India not receive the prize money for finish fourth last season. The FIA released a detailed document regarding the matter from the day of the protest until the final announcement.

The FIA hearing was attended by Mr Peter Crolla (Team Manager Haas F1 Team), Mr Gunther Steiner (Team Principal Haas F1 Team), Mr Jeremy Courtenay‐Stamp (Legal Representative Haas F1 Team) ‐ via teleconference, Ms Leslie Ross (General Counsel FIM), Mr Andy Stevenson (Sporting Director FIM), Mr Mark Gay (Legal Representative FIM), Mr Charlie Whiting (FIA Formula One Director), and Mr Pierre Ketterer (FIA Head of Governance, Integrity and Regulatory Affairs) – via  teleconference.

The basic idea of the protest was that the cars entered by the new Force India team couldn’t race them as that were not the ones designed and built by them and that it was the property of the old outfit as per Article 6.3 and Appendix 6 of the Sporting Regulations.

The initial hearing started at 11:00 local time and went on until 12:04 after which they got back together at 15:45 until 16:51. Haas’ counsel argued that even though Force India bought the parts from the old team but it was through an old competitor.

The FIA clarified that Force India did not breach any rules under the said definition of ‘outsourcing’ and that the governing body was fine with the listed parts. As it stands, the FIA dismissed the protest made by the Haas.

Nothing was mentioned regarding the prize money but the FIA insisted that Racing Point Force India is indeed a new team and so it seems like they will not get it unless every team signs the bond for Force India to receive it.