Following the global success of the introduction of FIA Formula 4, the World Motor Sport Council recognized the considerable interest in staging a World Final for National-level Formula 4 Championships. Consequently, the FIA will launch a call for Expressions of Interest for potential Promoters/Organizers of an FIA Formula 4 World Final, where successful drivers from the 12 National F4 championships around the world would meet.

World Motor Sport council meeting in Geneva it wasn’t only to decide the new Formula 1 qualifying system, there also was discussed the interest to create an event for all the FIA Formula 4 drivers.

But that interest from FIA needs an interest from any potential promoter or organize so, it only an idea which has to build up, but we think it could be awesome a single Formula 4 race with the best drivers of all National championships.

Formula 4 at the moment has been a great series for all the drivers who come from karting, to do the step in the single-seaters. Just to remember, FIA Formula 4 are in Italy, Great Britain, Germany, Estonia-Russia-Nederland’s-Finland (in the called Northern European championship), Spain, Japan, China, UAE, South East Asia, as well as USA, Mexico and Australia.

The reason at the end is create a category before Formula 4. We know that category might be Eurocup Formula Renault 2.0, but of course is not a FIA series so that’s why they are trying to create that spot with, maybe, the return of National Formula 3 series.

We remember you that in Formula Ràpida you can follow in English the German F4, the SMP F4 and the Spanish F4 as well.