The FIA Formula 2 Championship organisers have been forced to alter its starting procedure following the numerous troubles it has had since bringing in the new spec cars this season.

A huge radio outburst from Trident’s Arjun Maini along with calls from other drivers and the team bosses, the F2 championship added a 15-minute practice session in this weekend’s programme to allow drivers to practice their starts.

The data collected from the earlier session was analysed and submitted to the FIA for them to take appropriate measures for the future. With not much time at hand to resolve the issues, the FIA then commissioned for a change of the start procedure from this weekend.

As per the Article 39.16 of the F2 sporting regulations, the races at Red Bull Ring and Silvertsone will start behind the safety car. It will lead the F2 cars for the formation lap where it will complete one lap and return to the pit lane.

The teams will be informed of the rolling start procedure during the formation lap with a ‘RS’ board displayed on the track light panels to indicate the drivers. The safety car will dive in with the leader then dictating the pace for the start of the race.

“This is not an ideal situation, but the drivers’ safety is a top priority,” said F2’s CEO, Bruno Michel. “As we do not have the time to test and properly validate a permanent fix to the starting issues what the FIA has decided is definitely the safest decision.

“This will also give us enough time to work on a solution to the problem and return to a safe and normal situation for Budapest and the remaining of the season.” It is being said, the issues have been found, but it will take some time for them to fix it up wholly.

ART Grand Prix’s George Russell – who has had stalled on multiple occasions – will start on pole for Saturday’s feature race at Red Bull Ring from the Carlin duo of Lando Norris and Sergio Sette Camara.