Ferrari confirms that Charles Leclerc’s power unit from Baku is beyond repair after investigation, but adds that situation is under control.

With the investigations fully complete at Maranello, Ferrari have confirmed that Leclerc’s power unit from Baku – which was also used in Barcelona – is beyond repair, which leaves him with only one old power unit at his disposal and a new one before penalty kicks-in.

Ferrari referred the problem to be related to the turbo and MGU-H failure in Barcelona. They are now bringing in the remedies to strengthen the package while noting that the situation is under control. A brief statement from the F1 team stated:

“Investigation confirmed Charles’ Baku PU is beyond repair. One possible cause of the failure is that it occurred as a consequence of the PU problem in Spain. We are now working on countermeasures to strengthen the package and the situation is under control.”

As noted above, Leclerc only has two power units at his disposal and with more than half of the season to go, the Monegasque will surely need a fourth power unit to see-through the year which means he will incur a penalty at some point of the season.

He’s already set for a penalty on turbo charger side after the Barcelona issue forced him to use all the three sets where one is damaged beyond repair. If Ferrari choose to take a new TC this weekend in Canada, he will incur a penalty with three TCs already used.

A note from the FIA stated that Ferrari broke curfew on Wednesday evening with people involved in the operation of the car working extra time. This was their first of eight individual exceptions as per the regulation.

On Carlos Sainz’s side, Ferrari already clarified earlier in the week about the failure of a hydraulic component in Baku where they put in a short-term fix for Canada. They are still working on a long-term solution for that reliability problem

“Hydraulic components from Carlos’ car have already been examined. A short-term fix is in place for Canada, while work is on-going on mid/long-term solutions,” said Ferrari.

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