F2 and F3 have officially released their schedule for the 2022 season testing to take place in three different circuits and two countries.

Starting with F2, there will be only two tests of three days each. The first one will take place in Bahrain from March 2-4 with the first round scheduled to take place on 18-20 weekend. The second test will take place after the completion of Round 2 in Jeddah.

It is scheduled for in Barcelona on April 12-14, with Round 3 following that on April 22-24 in Imola. The dates for the post-season test has not been revealed yet but it is mostly to take place in Abu Dhabi post November 23 when the F1 test ends.

On F3 side, the first test will be same as F2 on March 2-4 in Bahrain but the second and third test will be separate events and for two days each. The former will be at Jerez on April 4-5, while the latter is scheduled for April 15-16 in Barcelona. Both of the F3 tests will be done before its season’s Round 2 in Imola.

Here’s how the 2022 F2 and F3 calendar looks like