F1 has set out to key priorities for the sport to deliver in the coming years with the investment towards road relevancy set to continue on.

The pinnacle of motorsport took a huge step with the V6 Hybrid move in 2014 F1 season in order to channel itself with road relevancy – something which has drawn a mixed response from the fans and pundits of the sport.

Even the F1 teams and drivers have their say but with the manufacturers entering the sport to develop fresh technologies and utilise it on their road products, it is difficult to pull out of such move at a cost of losing those constructors.

Speaking at the Geneva Motor Show, F1’s CEO Chase Carey laid out to key priorities for the sport which includes the investment in lowering the carbon efficiency while also making the sport for all with renewed push to get more female racers in.

The long speech from Carey included the two points, which goes: “The first is to build not just on our technological leadership, but the incredible achievements in efficiency and sustainability for our cars and hybrid engines.

“We’ll continue to invest in opportunities to further reduce carbon emissions and other initiatives to be at the forefront of road relevant technology. Second, we want to continue to emphasise that Formula 1 is a sport for everyone.

“That means continuing to emphasise opportunities for females on and off the track and continue to expand as a global sport in every part of the world. We want to be a sport that continues to exude mystique and glamour, yet one that is at the same time open and inviting to all.”

The sport has made huge strides to fulfill the first point with the development of the V6 Hybrid power units which is indeed a human marvel, considering the speed the cars achieve while being hugely efficient on fuel usage.

As for the second point, there is an increased initiative like the W Series, for female races to be more involved while sportscar racing has seen all-female line-up in bigger ways. Carey highlight Tatiana Calderon’s move to Formula 2 as well.

Aside the two points, Carey laid down the achievements in 2018 while advertising the 2019 F1 season where several changes have taken place. Carey stressed on the digital push as well with the Netflix documentary along with new camera angles and graphics to come.

Check out the FIA’s live feed from the motor show where Carey and co spoke