F1 team bosses discuss about the sport having races in glamorous locations to retain its identity as a glamour sport.

There is no doubt that F1 is touted as a glamour and rich people’s sport considering the amount of finances involved not just in operating the teams but also hosting races and so on. It isn’t easy to get itself on the calendar and or travel to races for all.

Amid the traditional venues that F1 has for years, it has tried to reach out to new locations too especially with the additions of street courses. The glamour portion can be said to be its USP whether people like it or not as it somewhere pulls a crowd.

Monaco has always been regarded as an glamour addition – along with it being a tradition – and with the races in Singapore, Miami and now Las Vegas, it certainly somewhere helps F1 to be bigger and more popular as all eyes is on them.

Here’s what F1 bosses think about it –

Alessandro Alunni Bravi: “You know, I’ve always said that I’m in favour of such glamorous venues. For me, the Formula 1 trajectory is the correct one. Las Vegas, Singapore, we need to have these kind of tracks that can combine drama on track, can combine glamour outside. Of course, FOM is doing a really good job in order to make our sport bigger and more popular. And I would say the selection of the venues, the next venues, is crucial, you know, to keep following this path. So I really welcome, not just Singapore or night races, but everything that can bring a fresher approach, can bring something sparkling to Formula 1. We have room to keep in the calendar the traditional circuits, also for 2025. But I think we don’t need to be, you know, close to news or to change things that can improve our worth.

Toto Wolff: “Yeah, Singapore is great. I mean, the night race was invented here, isn’t it. And it shows the interest, also, of our partners. We are flat out with events and presentations. And it shows that it hasn’t stopped. In Singapore, every time we come back, it is one of the most important events in Formula 1.”

Guenther Steiner: “Yeah, I think Singapore is very, very nice. And the glamour is good for Formula 1. But I think the best in Formula 1 is next year, by having 24 races, they’re all different between them, you know. Because if you would have 24 Las Vegas, or 24 Singapore, people would get just used to it and it wouldn’t be glamour anymore. We’ve got historic race courses, we’ve got night races, we have got.,. you can take the pick of it. And I think the change in it attracts people to watch it because every race has got its particularity. And it’s interesting because of one another reason. So I think the mix of the races is good. And for sure having Singapore, Las Vegas, Monte Carlo as the glamour events is very good.

Zak Brown: “Yeah, just what everyone has said, but what Guenther said – the diversity of all these races, I think, is great, you know. You’ve got all these different countries and the culture of these countries come out. So Singapore is certainly very glamorous, first night race, it’s fantastic. But I think all the races on the calendar are great and unique in their own way.”

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