F1 shares couple of videos showcasing the ongoing work at Jeddah street circuit for the upcoming F1 Saudi Arabian GP.

With exactly a month to go for the Saudi Arabian GP, F1 paid a visit to the new Jeddah street circuit after the US GP to not only film but also check on the ongoing construction work. FIA Race Director Michael Masi was also present at the venue.

He had circuit CEO Martin Whitaker in the filming along with the personnel from Hermann Tilke’s company with Rosanna Tennant as the host. Pat Symonds was also part of the filming along with HRH Prince Khalid bin Sultan Al-Abdullah Al-Faisal.

They went through the whole circuit and how they are planning different spots to showcase the uniqueness of the new F1 track. One of them is where the track goes through a lagoon on the left and Red Sea on the right, not only a challenge but a spectacle to watch too.

“Why this circuit works so well is that it will have the atmosphere of an urban venue, but the space and run-off so we can increase the speed of the corners,” said Carsten Tilke. “This is something you can normally only do at a permanent facility, but here we have been able to create very challenging fast corners that the drivers will love.

“I have driven the lap many times on the simulator and with sections featuring walls close to the edge of the circuit, you really need to concentrate to avoid making a mistake. It will be very rewarding for those who can master all 27 corners.”

Looking at the pictures, while F1 seems confident of the work finishing before time, but social media had apprehensions at the moment. But it has been a huge work, considering that this is a temporary venue for Saudi Arabian GP, with a permanent structure being planned at Qiddiya near Riyadh from 2023 onward.

Here’s F1 going through the new Saudi Arabia circuit: https://www.formula1.com/en/latest/video.jeddah-street-circuit-first-look-f1s-brand-new-track-in-saudi-arabia.1715401112473745964.html

Here’s how Jeddah F1 circuit came about: https://www.formula1.com/en/latest/video.saudi-arabian-gp-how-the-jeddah-street-circuit-was-designed.1715406600310504397.html

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