F1 Russian GP organisers and Sochi Autodrom have announced that its promoter and ANO “ROSGONKI” CEO Sergey Vorobyev will leave his role.

Vorobyev has been part of the F1 Russian GP family since the start of the grand prix as a Deputy CEO of ANO “ROSGONKI”, a company which he is responsible for international relations. He helped Russia secure a place on the calendar as well.

And through his negotiations, the Russian GP will remain on the F1 calendar until 2025. Vorobyev, though, has decided to move on with March 20 being his last. Hi will be replaced by Alexey Titov, the director general of Sochi Autodrom.

“Being part of the Formula 1 Russian GP organisers since 2012 has been a great honour, and I am happy that under the guidance of Dmitry N,” said Vorobyev. “Kozak we have come from the delivery of the best F1 Grand Prix of the 2014 season to the creation of a professional promoter company.

“I believe that ROSGONKI’s strong and solid team will continue on this success, reaching new heights both in the organisation of the Formula 1 Russian Grand Prix in Sochi and in other projects.” At the same time, Titov added:

“We want to thank Sergey for the efficient work he has done as part of ROSGONKI’s team and wish him new triumphs in the field that he has chosen.” The 2020 F1 Russian GP is supposed to take place on September 25-27 weekend, just after Singapore.

But it remains to be seen if it goes ahead or there are any changes, considering the COVID-19 outbreak. F1 is looking at changes where August and December is to be marked as the months to re-scheduled certain grand prix which fell through.

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