The Formula One Promoters’ Association (FOPA) has raised concerns regarding Liberty Media’s approach and seeks ‘more collaborative approach’ from the F1 owners.

FOPA was created back in 2012 which works in a similar fashion like the teams’ and drivers’ associations, to be a voice of the promoters’ to lay down their grievances – if any – or collaborate on certain things with the F1 owners.

The ownership of F1 changed hands three years ago when Liberty Media came in and it has been a rocky ride thus far where the owners have had a difficult time – whether it is signing a new deal or expanding the current grand prix market.

The F1 race promoters’ had a meeting on Monday in London and have released a statement, calling out Liberty Media to be more collaborative with them in their approach going forward, as they feel there is a lack of communication as things stand.

FOPA is headed by Stuart Pringle, Silverstone circuit (host of British GP) Managing Director, with Brazilian GP’s Tamas Rohonyi Ketesz acting as the Vice President and Singapore GP’s Colin Syn Wai Hung is a Board Member.

The statement stresses on the broadcasting aspect where the promoters’ don’t want fans to lose the free access to the sport and Liberty Media to look at alternative venues when the existing circuits hold value to the championship.

Representatives of 16 grand prixs expressed the concern, which are:

  • It is not in the long term interest of the sport that fans lose free access to content and broadcasting.
  • There is a lack of clarity on new initiatives in F1 and a lack of engagement with promoters on their implementation.
  • New races should not be introduced to the detriment of existing events although the association is encouraged by the alternative business models being offered to prospective venues.

The statement added: “As we enter a new season of the sport that we have promoted for many decades, the Promoters seek a more collaborative approach to the development of the championship and the opportunity of offer their experience and expertise in a spirit of partnership with Formula 1 and the FIA.”

This comes at a time when Liberty Media is trying to add new venues to the F1 calendar. Vietnam has been added for 2020 start and it is pressing hard for the Miami race. Recent reports suggests, Liberty Media has applied for trademark for Philippine Grand Prix as well.