F1 has parted ways with its communications director Norman Howell in a rather quiet manner when everyone is preparing for the 2019 season.

With the winter break on, the lack of news is common for all but it looks like a change is in place in the F1 department with its communication director Howell, not only out of its position but also has left the sport on the whole.

There is no official communication from F1 but Howell’s professional social media page has revealed that his tenure with the sport ended together with the 2018 season which is reflected on the official press releases from F1 as well.

The message on his page reads: “Have now left Formula 1 after covering the digital and communication roles through the transition from Bernie Ecclestone’s FOM to the present ownership of F1 by Liberty Media.

“I will take a short break and some thinking time before plunging headlong once more into the very exciting and ever-changing world of content communications.” Howell was F1’s head of digital for two years after which he was promoted as director in February 2017.

With him leaving in December (likely) 2018, it means he held the position for 1 year and 10 months only. In fact, the last press release from F1 which carried his reference was dated December 6 regarding the 2018’s Esports series.

Since then F1 has sent two official press releases on December 19 and December 21 respectively without Howell’s name. It features only a generic media email reference along with F1’s communications agency Eldeman’s detail.

Howell’s current work is stated under NHH Media as ‘Media Consultant’ which is likely his own venture. He has vast experience in the communications field, having worked with the FIA, Red Bull, UFC, KHP and more in his time.

While Howell has revealed about his departure, we await for any communication from F1 regarding his status and who will be his replacement and whether the current Senior Communications Officer Luca Colajanni will be promoted or someone else gets the job.