F1 has started the sale of its perfume in collaboration with Designer Parfums after its launch in Abu Dhabi during the 2019 grand prix.

FormulaRapida.net had attended the launch of the F1 perfume collection at Yas Marina during the 2019 Abu Dhabi GP, which was held near the media center. The initial idea was to start its sale by March 2020 but COVID-19 pushed to until now.

The full range, F1 says, will be launched by March 2021. For now, they have revealed details of five products which is on sale at https://www.f1fragrances.com. The five unisex fragrance has been designed using the latest digital light synthesis 3D printing technology.

Ross Lovegrove is the mind behind the design, as all of the five fragrances is housed in a 75 ml metallized flask with the 3D Printed Exoskeleton. They are priced at £195 / €225 / $250, with delivery available in UK and Europe, for now.

Here’s the details of the five products – 

Precious Mettle – It is a fresh, intense, woody fragrance with a metallic twist that represents the courageousness required from drivers as they line up on the grid.

Turn 1 – It is an avantgarde composition, with inimitable accords of burning rubber and rain on salty asphalt, honouring the performance and determination of powering through the first corner.

Overtake 320 – It is a warm and spicy composition that races with a fiery blend of cinnamon and bergamot.

Neeeum White – It is a tribute to the fearlessness of F1 heroes as they reach the final straight; a confident fragrance with a daring cocktail of spices, contrasting hot black pepper with the coolness of juniper.

Carbon Reign – It captures a vibrant and energetic scent built around a champagne accord, dry amber and woods.

Upon the start of the sale of F1’s fragrance collection, Ellie Norman, Director of Marketing and Communications said: “We are very excited to be unveiling the second instalment in our exclusive fragrance collection with Designer Parfums.

“Following the successful launch in Abu Dhabi last year we are thrilled to see the collection become available in Europe and engage with our fans through the important touch point of smell. The unique and daring fragrance collection embodies the sport and has been crafted to take fans on an F1 journey.”

At the same time, Dilesh Mehta, Designer Parfums Chairman & CEO said: “It is with great pleasure, that we are launching the F1 Fragrances Engineered Collection. Our expert team and partners have worked closely with Formula 1 to translate the passion and innovation of this global sport into a ground-breaking collection of fragrances with a unique and innovative 3D printed design. Always agile in our approach, we have quickly reacted to the global pandemic and built a direct to consumer website www.f1fragrances.com allowing fans to discover the range of fragrances with a fast and direct sampling mechanism.”

And finally, Ross Lovegrove, the designer, added: “Today, engineering as we have known it, is being transformed by new materials and new technologies. The Exoskeleton I have designed for Formula 1, has an organic, complex geometry that is of today and like nothing seen in the fragrance industry.

“My thought behind the exoskeleton was on the one hand sustainability; to create something that hosts the fragrance bottle which can be replaced once used and re-inserted into the exoskeleton and the use of 3D print which is extremely efficient, without waste; only the forms needed are produced, much like an F1 car.

“On the other hand, it reminded me of the safety cell for the drivers, the monocoque, as it protects the fragrance bottle in a similar way.  For the pinnacle of motorsport I felt the fragrance needed to be top of the line; innovative in its design, material and conception.”

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