F1 Nation has Renault’s Esteban Ocon open up about British GP, battle with Lance Stroll, ‘Bane’, Mercedes programme and more.

  • The first few minutes of the latest F1 Nation podcast consisted of hosts Alex Jacques and Tom Clarkson processing the end of the British GP – something the former enjoyed hearing Peter Bonnington and Lewis Hamilton discuss calmly over the radio in the heat of crisis.
  • The pairing picked apart the race, and the performances of two Red Bull programme drivers in the form of Alexander Albon and Pierre Gasly, who Clarkson feels were both examples of drivers who were promoted to the top team too quickly.
  • Clarkson also rated the race driven by Daniel Ricciardo, who he feels managed the Grand Prix nicely, and was appropriately excited after the race.
  • On the championship, Jacques pointed out a changing dynamic within Mercedes, as he feels that Valtteri Bottas is getting more feisty given the dominance of their car.
  • They would continue to discuss various aspects of the race preceding the podcast’s recording, before transitioning into an interview with Ocon.
  • Ocon insisted that the F1 British GP is not his home race, despite Clarkson rightfully pointing out that Silverstone is in fact closer to his home town than Paul Ricard – the track generally considered to be his home venue.
  • The Frenchman also covered how he conducts himself in the wake of a Grand Prix, and in preparation for an upcoming one, as he explained that he is staying local in the time between races.
  • He rejected the proposed notion that there has been a clampdown on COVID-19 restrictions from his team after Sergio Perez’s positive test result.
  • Some banter on whether or not he bears a resemblance to Bane from the Batman franchise ensued, before the Renault driver discussed how his weekend went, and his battle with his close friend Lance Stroll.
  • On a more generalized note, Ocon spoke on his role with Mercedes F1, and how this has been a learning experience for him, before covering the tyre catastrophe at the race’s end – the final topic of the interview.
  • Then, after a brief recap of the interview and a discussion on some of the topics discussed, the podcast drew to an end.

Here’s the link of the F1 Nation podcast: https://podcasts.google.com/feed/aHR0cHM6Ly9hdWRpb2Jvb20uY29tL2NoYW5uZWxzLzUwMjQzOTYucnNz/episode/dGFnOmF1ZGlvYm9vbS5jb20sMjAyMC0wOC0wMzovcG9zdHMvNzY0ODU0Ng?hl=en-IN&ved=2ahUKEwj_noDRioTrAhXCQ30KHUmGBhsQieUEegQIChAE&ep=6

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