The against grand prix activists have filed a new federal lawsuit against F1, Miami GP organisers and Mayor for racial discrimination with the proposed race.

The matter of Miami GP continues to hit roadblocks after roadblocks, as the latest drama sees a federal lawsuit against F1, grand prix organisers Miami Dolphins, Miami-Dade County and Mayor Carlos Gimenez, from activists against the race.

As per The Miami Herald, the case was filed on Friday, where the allegation is of racial discrimination as they state that the organisers are pushing for the F1 grand prix despite it being against the wishes of the residents of Miami Gardens.

In fact, they are seeking permanent solution, which is to bar the F1 race from happening. The residents also want a ‘financial restitution’ along with a judicial order which declares that racial discrimination and constitutional rights were violated.

The usual ordinance of city noise accompanies as well. “To try to foist this race into our community, without almost any input from residents who would be affected, is not only outrageous, but disrespectful to a predominantly African-American community,” Betty Ferguson, former Miami-Dade County commissioner and activist, was quoted as.

They see it as the most recent form of racism considering the area having a large population of Black people. “This is environmental racism at its highest degree,” Sylvia Porter Perkins, one of the residents’ suing was quoted by Ferguson.

They insist that noise and air pollution remains a primary concern with the decibel level put as 97 dbA for F1, which crosses the set threshold of 85 dbA. “I will not be able to enjoy sitting on my patio without wearing ear plugs and worrying about my blood pressure rising because of the noise,” Ferguson added.

The activists had filed a lawsuit already back in February but it seems like, it was dropped and a new civil rights action suit has now been refiled. The grand prix was scheduled to take place in May 2021 but it is looking unlikely, not just for the hurdles but also COVID-19.

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