F1 has extended its deal with streaming service Paramount+ which now becomes a full-time promotional partner.

Having had a limited running deal in 2022, F1 has now extended to a full-time multi-year contract with streaming service Paramount+, after the success they had. The deal’s primary goal is fan engagement especially at Fan Zone areas at grand prix venues.

The limited deal saw selected races featuring characters from Paramount+ shows featuring in Fan Zone areas which will continue this year too. In addition to this, there will be trackside branding via signage and digital sponsorship at various races.

The races that will feature Paramount+ branding are: Miami, Canada, Austria, Britain, Monza, Japan, Austin, Mexico City, Brazil and Las Vegas.

“This partnership exemplifies Formula 1’s ongoing commitment to exploring new avenues to help promote the sport and appeal to new audiences,” said F1’s Brandon Snow. “Paramount+ and the content on its platform are hugely popular and like F1 has experienced rapid growth in recent years.

“Together, we will use our global platforms and collective expertise in entertainment to further enhance the fan experience and take both Formula 1 and Paramount+ to new levels.” At the same time, Paramount+’s Marco Nobili added:

“Paramount+ continues to seek new, innovative ways to reach our global audiences, and I am confident this partnership with Formula 1 will continue to support our growth globally. Becoming an official partner of Formula 1 means bringing the Paramount+ brand and all our characters to life for hundreds of millions of fans worldwide. Through this global deal the worlds of motorsport and entertainment will come together, resulting in powerful storytelling opportunities on and off the grid.”

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