The last round of the electric championship has double race, and therefore a total of 60 possible points remaining.


This means that apart from the three drivers who seem stronger in the fight for the title, Piquet Jr, di Grassi and Buemi; rost, De Ambrosio and Sam Bird must also be mentioned.

Sam Bird does not have anything easy. It should be two pole positions, two fastest laps and two wins for the Brit. And wait for Piquet not to score in any race, Di Grassi not to make more than 17 points and Buemi not more than 23. A huge utopy for the British who won the ePrix of Putrajaya.

But we could still be surprised by the Belgian Jerome D’Ambrosio. The Dragon team needs to win both races and get a pole and fastest lap, while he would have to wait for Piquet not to score and Di Grassi and Buemi have a bad great weekend.

As for the son of four-time world champion of Formula 1, Nico Prost should win both races and hope that Piquet gets eighth or lower in the two races. But the best positioned are Buemi, Di Grassi and Piquet.

Buemi needs to beat Piquet in the race and the Brazilian not to get pole or even the fastest lap. Di Grassi however, must also overtake his compatriot on track and could even be allowed on Saturday behind him, but that would mean winning the race on Sunday with the pole.

Piquet has it better. If he gets pole on Saturday, it would knock out Bird. If the Brazilian this Saturday finishes fifth or between the first 9 with pole position, D’Ambrosio would no longer have options to win. Whereas to eliminate Prost’s options, a pole position and a fourth position would leave the French out of options. To take the fight to Buemi, Piquet should get the pole and finish with the Swiss.

As for Di Grassi, the driver with more options to fight for the championship, he should get the pole and win the race, but should wait for Piquet to finish fifth. If Lucas finishes second, Piquet should be nine; while if he finishes third, Piquet should not score.

In short, Bird, D’Ambrosio and Prost need to make a dream weekend, while Buemi and Di Grassi need to finish ahead of Piquet in both races and have a little luck. A weekend which is very favorable for Piquet that comes in very good shape.