The Formula 1 chief, Bernie Ecclestone lament the death of Jules Bianchi and admits that this situation won’t happen again in a Formula 1 circuit.

Bernie Ecclestone has lamented the decease of the French driver after nine month under coma, as a consequence of his injuries during the 2014 Japanese Grand Prix.

We shouldn’t allow that something like this repeats again”, told in the official series website.

“It was so sad to hear the piece of news about Jules. We will miss a very talented driver and a pleasant person. I hope he will be remembered by who he was as a driver and as a person, not because the accident”, added. “If you have to have an accident nowadays you choose formula 1 because it’s probably, the safest. What happens to Jules was really, really, really disappointing”

“Formula 1 have 20 race in a year, we have to see how many accidents are there. We do our best, we always did all what it was in our hands for the safety of the driver”,

Ecclestone highlighted that that crane has never to be there. “The crane never had to be there. We have work a lot to get sure that until the cars didn’t stop, they can crash until the tyres barriers”

Bianchi died last Friday with only 25 years old in Nice. He was under coma since 5 of October of 2014.