Former F1 driver and now a pundit Robert Doornbos was attacked and robbed in the Netherlands as police is in search of culprits.

Amid the recent news of Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc being robbed which follows on from Alpine’s Pierre Gasly and McLaren’s Lando Norris’ robbery from few years ago, former F1 driver Doornbos is in news for the same after he was attacked and robbed.

The incident took place roughly a month ago in Amsterdam when Doornbos parked his car around midnight and was approached by couple of men. One of them carried a bat in his hand and attacked the F1 pundit while the second tried to take things from him.

The robbers took away his Rolex watch and phone and despite pleas for help, nobody could reach on time. The police took over the case and are now looking for the culprits as they have requested the public to help them in finding them.

It has come to light that the robbers could follow him via GPS tracker. Doornbos was shaken but is in good spirits even though it is a second robbery he has faced in two years after someone took away the headlights from his Porsche last year.

“I no longer wear expensive watches, only an Apple Watch, at least then I can also count my steps,” he joked when speaking to Dutch publication RTL. The Dutchman couldn’t speak more about the case, but the police is looking for men between 25-30 years.

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Translation by MsportXtra