It is in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show , in front of a crowd of fans of new technologies, the electric car Spark SRT_01E Renault made its first public test . Led by Lucas di Grassi , the Spark Renault has climbed the Las Vegas Strip before entering the Mandalay Bay in the heart of the city.


This first dynamic presentation demonstrates that the vision of a 100% electric car championship is now a reality to which Renault , with its dual leadership in motor sport and in electric vehicles , has contributed as a technical partner .


Patrice Ratti, CEO of Renault Sport Technologies , said: ” Renault is very proud to have been able to present the car 100% electric Spark -Renault front of the audience very passionate about technology in Las Vegas. ‘s Work done by all the technical partners for many months has been fantastic and the car is up to the very high standards of Renault in the competition. We are more than satisfied with the result , but the work for our engineers is far from finished. continue , in fact, to work closely with engineers Spark, Dallara , McLaren , Williams and Michelin to further improve the Spark -Renault SRT_01E the stables and offer a 100% electric car perfect from the beginning of the season . ”