Nyck de Vries is latest F1 driver to reveal about undertaking further studies which he confirmed to media at the premiere of Gran Turismo.

Few weeks back, Nicholas Latifi revealed about joining London Business School to take up MBA course and move away from racing in general after losing his Williams F1 seat at the end of the 2022 season following the end of his contract.

Joining Latifi will be de Vries who revealed about his intentions to take up the studying route. Having lost his AlphaTauri F1 seat after 10 rounds in 2023, the Dutchman for his immediate future has decided to take up a course in Harvard.

He will study in the field of Negotiation and Leadership. It is not a long course but only a short one, but his intention is to study having not studied much in his life. Interestingly, his former boss Toto Wolff is a guest lecturer at Harvard.

“Actually not, I had a lot of support and it actually went very naturally,” said de Vries to RacingNews365 at the premier of Gran Turismo when asked about losing his F1 seat. “I’ve been playing a lot of golf since then.

“Looking ahead, I’ve never studied before in my life, in fact, I didn’t even finish high school. But in September I’m going to take a course at Harvard. Negotiation and Leadership, a little bit of studying. More because I just like it now that I have some time and the interest to learn other things.”

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