Two-time Dakar Rally winner Nani Roma has been diagnosed with curable cancer after he complained of back pain few days back.

In a big news shared by Roma on his social media account, the multiple Dakar Rally winner announced that he has been diagnosed with bladder cancer. The fortunate news is that it is curable and the Spaniard will undergo chemotherapy soon.

Roma revealed that he had back pains couple of days back and went to see the doctor. After undergoing tests, it was found that he cancer which is curable. As he goes under chemotherapy, he will miss racing action and is hoping to return after curing it.

“Hello everyone, in this video I tell you that I have been diagnosed with cancer, but that it is treatable and the prognosis is good. I am well and encouraged, being aware that after facing many challenges, now I must focus on the most important of them all!

“I am surrounded by the best family and friends, and in the hands of the best medical professionals. Also, I am lucky to have my BRX team by my side along with ProDrive, Monster and Samsung. Thank you all,” wrote Roma.

Here’s the full video in English: