Italian non-profit organisation Codacons has threatened to legal action against Scuderia Ferrari for promotion of Mission Winnow on SF1000.

Ferrari came under tremendous pressure already in 2019 when Mission Winnow – a new initiative of longtime sponsor Philip Morris International – was inscribed on the F1 car’s livery, which looked very similar to Malboro advertisement.

The Italian team had to remove the Mission Winnow name and logos from the car at various grand prix where the laws of the country did not allow, even subtle form of advertisement, which PMI is intending to undertake.

The latest furor comes only a day after Ferrari launched its 2020 F1 car, SF1000, at Romolo Valli Theatre in Italy. A non-profit organisation, Codacons, which fights for the rights of the consumers, has threatened legal action and seizure of the new car.

In a note, Codacons states that the Ministry of Health in Italy has agreed with its petition that Ferrari is directly/indirectly promoting tobacco product via PMI’s Mission Winnow branding. It also mentioned Ducati, which sports the brand on its MotoGP bike.

The release from Codacons further divulge into the Italian rule, which the Ministry agrees to, as per them. “The Mission Winnow brand used for Formula 1 sporting events allows, through the links on the site of the same name, a promotion, even if indirect, to an important manufacturer of cigarettes and new tobacco products; in this case, a sponsorship case as defined by art. 1 of Legislative Decree No. 300 of 16 December 2004.

“‘Implementation of Directive 2003/33 / EC on the advertising and sponsorship of tobacco products’ or as ‘any form of public or private contribution to an event, activity or a person who has the purpose or effect, direct or indirect, of promoting a tobacco product’.”

Codacons President Carlo Rienzi added: “Now, strengthened by the decision of the Ministry that confirms us across the board, we will start a legal battle against Ferrari, presenting a new complaint to the Antitrust and Ministry of Health, and we will ask the Nas to seize the new SF1000 single-seater presented in Reggio Emilia.”

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