Daniel Ricciardo has taken win on the Monaco GP after leading every single lap from Pole and despite some power issues. Vettel finished seconds and gained some points to Hamilton, who completes the podium. Gasly scored points, Verstappen has made places up to ninth positions and Leclerc, the local hero, crashed.

The lights went off and all first eleven drivers completed the first laps with no changes on their positions. Brendon Hartley reported damage on his front wing but there were no major incidents. Max Verstappen managed to overtake both Haas cars and, on lap 5, he also passed Marcus Ericsson.

Sergey Sirotkin was given a stop and go penalty for not putting his car on the right place on the grid and returned to track in last place after serving it. Verstappen kept being the only driver gaining places as he overtook Hartley. Lance Stroll had a puncture and pitted, being demoted to last place and lapped.

On the lead places, Daniel Ricciardo and Sebastian Vettel were opening a gap to Lewis Hamilton and the reigning champion responded by pitting on lap 12. Vettel pitted three laps later. Hartley, who had pitted earlier, was given a drive-through penalty for speeding in the pit lane. On the next lap, Ricciardo, Kimi Räikkönen and Valtteri Bottas did their pit stops. The order stayed as it was when all drivers on the top positions had pitted.

On lap 28, Ricciardo reported power problems and Vettel got very close, but it seemed that there was no further problem. Hamilton also slowed his pace, but it seemed to be a Mercedes strategy so Bottas managed to catch Räikkönen.

After some laps on which nothing happened, Pierre Gasly, who was on sixth position, pitted. He returned to track on tenth place, immediately behind Verstappen, who finally pitted on lap 47.

On lap 53, Gasly was catching Fernando Alonso, who reported power issues and retired due to a gearbox failure. The only fight on track was at that stage of the race, between Verstappen and Carlos Sainz for ninth place. The Dutchman tried to pass on the exit of the tunnel and the Renault driver cut the chicane to defend. On the next lap, it was Max who cut the chicane and moved up one position.

On lap 72, Charles Leclerc heavily crashed into Hartley at the tunnel exit. Both retired but there were no debris or cars on track so only a Virtual Safety Car was needed. Green flag waved again on lap 74.

Nothing else happened until the end of the race and Ricciardo took his second win of the season from Pole position. It was a classical Monaco race with no changes from grid on the top 6 places. Vettel finished second and gained 3 points to Hamilton, who took the last podium spot. Räikkönen, Bottas, Esteban Ocon, Gasly, Hülkenberg, Verstappen and Sainz scored points.

These results leave Hamilton still leading the standings with 110 points, followed by Vettel, who is 14 points behind. Ricciardo moves up to third place, 38 points behind the leader and followed by Bottas and Räikkönen. The next race will be in two weeks for the first visit to America, the Canadian Grand Prix.