F1 champion Jenson Button now has put his name on the Guinness World Record book in BATAK reflex action test.

British NOW TV challenged Button to smash the BATAK reflex action test record of 56 strikes in 30 seconds, which was held by Arshia Shahriari from Iran in 2019. Interestingly, the Brit unofficially struck 56 times in 30 seconds 20 years ago when it was not recorded.

But this time, Button did so in front of the cameras and Guinness official. The F1 champion eventually beat Shahriari’s record by two extra strikes of 58 in 30 seconds. “In 2003, I actually did 56 in 30 seconds but I didn’t have the Guinness World Record,” he told Metro Sport via NOW.

“But that was in my twenties, so when the guys said, “Did you want to try and break your record”, I said, “Well I can try but it might be rather embarrassing because I’m 43”. But no, I did it! 58! I’m chuffed actually because whether it’s winning an F1 race or breaking a BATAK world record, it’s all awesome because it means you’ve done better than anybody else.

“So it’s a massive high, massive adrenaline. When I did it, everyone was celebrating wildly. Normally in an F1 car you can’t hear cheering so that was really cool. My friend James said, “Jenson, I think that’s the best thing you’ve ever done!”. I think he might have been in the moment but thank you!’,” summed up Button.

The BATAK test is common in F1 for drivers to improve their skills in quick reaction and reflexes, hand co-ordination and even stamina. Often F1 drivers and teams upload videos of them undertaking this test whether at a grand prix or in the factory.

“As an adjudicator for Guinness World Records, I’ve seen countless record attempts, but Jenson Button’s achievement in extinguishing 58 Batak lights in 30 seconds was very impressive,” said an official from Gunness.

“Breaking this record requires not only lightning-fast reaction times but also the ability to maintain focus and rely on peripheral vision, as Jenson demonstrated. It’s a testament to his skill as a race driver and a reminder that breaking records isn’t just about physical ability, but also mental discipline and strategy.”

Here’s the video from Jenson Button: https://www.instagram.com/p/CpNb_hGNm8_/

Here’s the video on Metro UK site: https://metro.co.uk/2023/02/28/formula-1-champion-jenson-button-smashes-guinness-world-record-18353995/

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