The Rocket Motorsport team featuring Jenson Button, Mazen Fawaz and Chris Buncombe completed the 2019 Mint400 off-road challenge.

Last month, F1 and Super GT champion Button announced his intentions to compete in America’s Mint400 and also Mexico’s Baja1000 off-road events with his team Rocket Motorsport with Buncombe and Fawaz as his teammates.

The trio practiced for the event together even though Button had been busy with his World Endurance Championship and also Super GT commitments. They drove a Brenthel Industries Truck in the Spec 6100 Trophy category.

While the announcement was for Button, Buncombe and Fawaz to drive together, it looks like they added Chris Pearson to the line-up as per Button’s latest tweet, following the success in the Mint400 event last weekend in Las Vegas – it remains unconfirmed.

After all the practice runs earlier in the week, the team had their final race on Sunday afternoon – March 10 – where the Spec 6100 runners were clubbed with other categories like Trick Truck, Spec 1500, Spec 6200 and Spec 8000.

In a hard-fought run on Sunday in the muddy terrain, which included punctures for Button and a roll-over for Fawaz, the trio numbered 6162 eventually ended up 55th in the overall standings from the 106 which entered in the mixed class.

They took the three laps in a total of 8:34:42.738s as they were 19th in the Spec 6100 category from the 45 which entered the category for the Las Vegas race. Watch Button race at around 7hr13m25s mark: