Valtteri Bottas has taken his second win in F1 after a superb start and a strong first part of the race, which has allowed him to contain Vettel’s, who has finished second, offensive. Ricciardo completes the podium.

Valtteri Bottas did a great start and kept on first position. Behind him, Ferraris also kept their respective places. Max Verstappen did an awful start and was involved on an incident with Fernando Alonso and Daniil Kvyat that left the Spanish and the Dutch driver out of the race. On turn 3, Daniel Ricciardo moved up to third place, and so did Romain Grosjean to fourth position.

Lewis Hamilton only managed to pass Verstappen and Sergio Pérez, but the Mexican overtook again the British, who wouldn’t come back to sixth place until lap 6. He wouldn’t then take too much time to pass Grosjean for fifth place. An investigation on a possible jump start by Bottas was opened, but it didn’t ended up in anything. Williams did an impressive first laps and managed to enter points positions. Kvyat was given a drive-through penalty due to the lap 1 incident.

Towards lap 17, Hamilton was catching Kimi Raikkönen, who was starting to struggle with his tyres. However, the Brit would also have the same problems soon.

After some laps with nothing remarkable, on lap 31, mechanical issues forced Kevin Magnussen, who was 11th, to retire. On the next lap, Hamilton stopped and tried a risky strategy by putting the ultra soft with 39 laps to go. On lap 34, Ricciardo pitted and so did Sebastian Vettel on the next lap. Both put supersofts.

Bottas didn’t stop until lap 42, and he returned to track in second place behind Raikkönen, who hadn’t pitted but was overtook on track. The Finnish pitted on lap 44. Stoffel Vandoorne was given a drive-through for ignoring the blue flags and Carlos Sainz, who had been struggling with his car since the beggining and was outside the points, retired.

Last laps came with Vettel catching Bottas and Hamilton catching Ricciardo. The British driver could use the DRS from lap 69 and Vettel could use it from lap 70. Hamilton tried to overtake the Red Bull driver, but didn’t manage to pass.

Finally, Bottas crossed the line first with a strong performance despite struggling on last laps. Only a few tenths behind, Vettel gets a second place, comes back to the podium, refuses to make mistakes and extends his gap on the standings. Ricciardo gets his fifth consecutive podium after contaning the attacks from Hamilton. Hamilton itself, Raikkönen, Grosjean, Pérez, Esteban Ocon, Felipe Massa and Lance Stroll have finished on the points.

These results extend Vettel‘s gap with Hamilton to 20 points. Bottas is still third and he’s now only 15 points behind his team mate and 35 points behind the top. Ricciardo is fourth 64 points behind Vettel and Raikkönen is fifth 88 points behind his team mate. Formula One doesn’t stop and racing will be back next week-end with the British Grand Prix, held at the iconic Silverstone.