Valtteri Bottas seems excited about his F1 future, as he talks about having a multi-year contract and going into the right direction.

Bottas has had five seasons at Mercedes and the question about sixth remains. It is the silly season to a great extent. Outside of that, Alfa Romeo have an opening with Kimi Raikkonen due to retire. It is not just the Finn, but also George Russell is waiting in the wings for an announcement from the German manufacturer.

Furthermore, a comment and quote from Toto Wolff last weekend at Spa, was clear that the Austrian knows what he wishes to do, but it seems like the drivers know too. In fact, Russell confirmed that he was verbally told about the situation at Spa.

Bottas, meanwhile, did not directly state it, but has hinted on knowing as well. Adding more, the Finn stated that he is excited about the future which is heading into right direction. His desire has been a multi-year contract for some time, which seems happening.

“Maybe I do, maybe I don’t,” said Bottas in a repeat from Spa. “I don’t want to say much more. Things are going into right direction. And I’m happy and I’m excited. Yes, a multi-year contract would be nice. That’s something I’ve never had before in Formula 1. That could definitely give you a good, full commitment to the team not just that year, but knowing that the work continues.

“And it needs to be challenging. It needs to be exciting. It needs to be fun, in an atmosphere that I really enjoy working with. I think those are really the main things I’m looking for. But like I said earlier, I still have a good few years in Formula 1. I really want to continue in Formula 1, for sure,” summed up Bottas.

The Finn seems content, happy, confident and possibly has learnt something to his advantage perhaps. Bottas has proved to be a very good driver over the last few years for Mercedes, constantly getting results. He has had his successes and a lot of bad luck too. For someone like Alfa Romeo, he is steady, solid and dependable too.

The story was written by Neil Farell

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