The Swiss driver Ralph Boschung signed for a second year in the GP3 Series and this season he will be driving in the Finnish team alongside Matt Parry, Matevos Isaakyan and Mahaveer Raghunatan.

Ralph Boschung scored 28 points in 2015, the eighteen years old driver had his best race in Silverstone Race 2 when he grabbed the third spot on the podium.

“I’m very excited to be joining Koiranen GP. They have shown great success over the last few years in GP3 which is very attractive as a driver point of view. I am really looking to get to work with the team and hopefully have a successful year together” commented Ralph Boschung.

Ralph Boschung was at the steering of the Koiranen GP’s GP3/16 for the first time on today on the Portuguese track of Estoril being in the top 10 and is setting for a promising 2016 season.